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Fotografía y Video

Photographers and Videographers let's walk together.

Hi everyone! I am definitely very shocked by all this that is happening. First, with the epidemic of covid-19, and the decisions that the government is making with small businesses, it is said that the 20-30 % of businesses have closed and the Democratic states are closed, being so the photographic studies and the Video producers are suffering, not the big consortiums, on this day September 11, 2020, our website begins a new race to support everyone, today a place is reborn for the support and teaching of all photographers and videographers in the net. I hope that this that we will present here will be of your help, our team of professionals will give everything on their part so that together we learn and become part of a network around the world to share experiences and knowledge, we invite you to be part of this dream that makes More than 15 years has emerged and together we walk this idea of being a large community with the same ideal. Sincerely: Eduardo Flores. Director.